Commission of the NTIA

The UK Door Security Association (UKDSA) is a trade association that represents the interests of individuals and businesses involved in the door security and security guarding industry in the United Kingdom.

The UKDSA aims to promote professional standards, provide training and education, and advocate for door supervisors and security staff’s rights and recognition. The association works to improve the reputation and perception of the security industry, enhance the quality of training and certification for door supervisors, and collaborate with industry stakeholders to address challenges and opportunities within the sector. This includes advocating for fair treatment of door security personnel, ensuring compliance with relevant regulations and licensing requirements, and fostering a safer and more secure environment for security staff and the public.

Latest News

Our Achievements so far

Docuseries BBC customers treating door staff (Petition to gain protections for door staff)

We have a voice and a seat at the table with SIA / Home Office / BEIS & DCMS

Home Affairs Committee evidence session

SIA challenged the business licensing issue

HMRC Position & Update

We continue to influence the Home Office and SIA on direction of travel & gain a substantial level of media coverage for the sector

We have built a strong alliance with BEIS and DCMS who continue to work with us

The UKDSA Team

Becca Cullum

NTIA Security Consultant

David Fullerton

Professional Security

David Wilson


Deborah Hewitt

ADV Security

Gerry Hartigan

Radius Security

Jema Paull

Director, Synergy Safety

Kelly Mansbridge

Regency Security

Kim Beasley

Stonegate Security

Mike Kill


Peter Harrison

FGH Security

Sacha Lord

NTE Advisor, Greater Manchester

Silvana Kill

Director/Head of Operations

Stephen Howell

Premium Security Services

Steve Howe

Pheonix Security

Tom Devine

TMS Protection

Tristan Evans

Director, Bridgegate Security (now part of Professional Security)