Executive Board

Benjamin Newby

Director of Operations – TEG/MJR

Biff Mitchell

F.U.N. Productions

Bill Mauseth

Brighton Music Conference

Julie Tippins

Head of Risk Management – DHP Family

Lisa Rose Wyatt

DJ Lisa Lashes

Maria May

Head of Electronic Music – CAA

Mike Grieve

Owner – Sub Club, Glasgow

Mike Kill


Nikki McNeil

CEO – Global Publicity/Event & Festival PR Specialist, she said.so, Brighton

Sacha Lord

NTE Advisor, Greater Manchester

Silvana Kill

Director of Operations – NTIA/NTIA CIC

Steven Braines

Co-founder – HE.SHE.THEY

The 6 Main Commitments of Board Members

Ensure the NTIA is carrying out its purpose

It’s about knowing what the NTIA can and can’t do within its purposes, how the NTIA is fulfilling its purposes and benefiting the industries, and what difference the NTIA is really making.

Comply with the NTIA's Articles of Association and the law

It’s about being familiar with our Articles of Association, accounts, tax returns, and any changes to the company’s registration details, as well as attending all Board member meetings and NTIA events where possible.

Act in the NTIA's best interests

It is not about serving personal interests. It’s about making balanced and informed decisions without bias, recognising and dealing with conflicts of interest, being prepared to debate respectfully, and accepting majority decisions.

Actively engage in all initiatives that are fundamental to sustaining the NTIA

It’s about managing risks and protecting assets (reputation) and people, getting the resources the NTIA needs, collaborating to support all programmes and initiatives to drive membership and supporting members, and supporting the NTIA through being an active, paid member.

Act with due regard, care and skill

It’s about using your skills and experience, deciding when you need advice and when advice is needed, establishing and promoting an inclusive environment in line with our brand culture, and engaging in positive transformation by considering individual ways of working, communicating, and contributing.

Ensure the NTIA is accountable

It’s about welcoming accountability as an opportunity rather than a burden by being able to show that the NTIA complies with the law and is effective at being accountable to members, partners, and affiliates and ensuring that staff and volunteers are accountable to the board.