"By becoming a member of the NTIA, you'll be united in the fight to keep our industry relevant and heard. You'll have access to a whole ecosystem offering invaluable support and guidance as well as like-minded individuals who can offer personal support in these tough times."


Being a member of the Night Time Industries Association (NTIA) brings forth a multitude of remarkable benefits, empowering individuals and businesses within the vibrant and dynamic realm of nightlife.

The NTIA, a leading advocate for the nighttime economy, serves as an indispensable platform that champions the interests and well-being of its members.

From fostering invaluable connections and fostering a strong sense of community to influencing policy decisions and driving positive change, the NTIA provides an unrivalled support system that propels the growth and success of its members, while ensuring the flourishing cultural fabric of the night-time industries.

Membership Pricing

Pay for the level of service you need based on your holding size. 

Your contribution also supports the cause so that we can fight for our members’ best interests.

Member Benefits



Bringing together Communities

Through communication with our customers, regulators, and residents, we aim to build community confidence by ensuring our businesses have the correct approach and operate in the best interests of everyone who lives, works, and plays at night. As a member, you will have access to our exclusive member's WhatsApp community where you can engage directly with NTIA operators and other members.

Direct access to Advice and Guidance from the NTIA team

From supply chain to licensing, access to grants, environmental health, police matters, security issues, and customer complaints, if you have a query, we are here to help you. As a member, you will have access to exclusive resources via the membership hub.

HR, Licensing & Business Support and Access to Operational Experts

Best Practice is what lies at the heart of what we do. As a member, you will have access to a wealth of HR, Licensing, Business, and Operational support and resources as well as access to experts to gain personalised advice and guidance at discounted rates.

NTIA Member Assistance

Intervention support to assist members and their employees in resolving mental health and wellbeing problems. As a member, you will have access to our wellbeing partners and experts to gain personalised advice and guidance.

Continued Representation

You can continue to rely on our proven ability to represent our industries by channelling your voice and keeping what matters to you at the forefront of frontline discussions.

Exclusive Access to Events

We have some fantastic events lined up this year, from networking opportunities to expert panels and workshops. We'd love to see you there! All members get exclusive access to free entry plus one other to all our events with options for discounted rates on additional attendees.


Monthly e-newsletter

Access to the NTIA Member's Portal

Preferential business cover rates offered by NDML Insurance Specialists

Business Lawyer Support Line

Tailored Training Solutions via our Affiliated Training Providers

Free access to the Job Places for Night Spaces vacancy board



Supplier Benefits

As a Supplier Member of the NTIA, you will not only be advocating and supporting our focus to bring the community together but also becoming one voice for our industry. 

The Supplier Membership can offer a wide variety of benefits, in addition to the benefits that are included in our Standard Membership. We aim to expand your network with like-minded people and build lasting relationships. For example, our exclusive events offer a chance for you to meet not only potential prospects but also other businesses, with whom you can explore new ideas and opportunities.

Supplier Directory only

Connect with fellow suppliers in the late-night and hospitality industry by featuring your products and services in our Supplier Directory.

You will also gain access to the Job Places for Night Spaces vacancy board for the first 12 months, allowing you to view and post vacancies at no cost.

Partner Benefits

We can create bespoke partnership packages that may be more cost effective and can produce more return on investment (ROI) for your brand.

The NTIA knows that one size does not fit all, and so we work to create bespoke opportunities to fit your needs and reflect our partnership objectives. All Partners will be allocated their own page on the NTIA website and listed in Supplier Directory, which members have direct access to.

In addition to this, we will point members to relevant Partners as and when required.



BIDS and Charity Benefits

As a vital member of our vibrant community, you’ll enjoy a multitude of remarkable benefits that showcase our unwavering commitment to your success and the flourishing communities you serve with the added benefit of securing a discounted stall at NTIA events to spotlight your offerings.

If you are a charity, we offer a complimentary membership, so please get in touch at [email protected].

Free Resources

Guidance & Best Practice

Support Hub

Diversity & Inclusion



Become a member to gain access to exclusive content to support you and your business.