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National Gallery Bicentenial Celebration, London

NTIA have been invited to join the National Gallery's Bicentenial Celebration on 10th May 2024. More information to come!

Defected Records February Roadshow

DEFECTED Records will be putting on a series of pop-up shows in October 2024. Watch this space for more details!

Upcoming Industry Events


ClubWatch is dedicated to advancing the Night Time Economy by empowering all involved parties. We act as a vital link between the Night-Time Industries and local communities, fostering partnerships that engage key stakeholders. This collaboration facilitates the creation of sustainable business regeneration strategies.

Endorsed by the Night Time Industries Association (NTIA) and the Metropolitan Police, ClubWatch holds regular meetings to address operational issues, enhance safety, and promote collaboration. Our goal is to unite everyone contributing to the Night Time Economy, ensuring a cooperative and thriving environment.

The Night Time Economy Forum is a dynamic platform where professionals from the nightlife industry converge to share insights, address challenges, and foster collaboration. This forum serves as a crucial hub for exchanging ideas and strategies, aiming to enhance the vibrancy and sustainability of nighttime economies around the globe. 

Through discussions, workshops, and networking events, participants from diverse backgrounds—ranging from business owners to policymakers—work together to shape the future of night-time entertainment and services. The forum not only addresses immediate operational concerns but also strategizes long-term developments, ensuring the night-time economy remains a vital, thriving sector.


External Events

Counter Terrorism ProtectUK ‘Workshop Wednesday’ Webinar (Sport)

31st January 2024 from 12:00-13:00
The NaCTSO Business Engagement Unit and their business partners host a one-hour bitesize Counter Terrorism ProtectUK ‘Workshop Wednesday’ Webinar session. This webinar will be primarily targeting those who work in the sports sector.


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