The NTIA Team

Mike Kill


Silvana Kill

Director/Head of Operations

Louise Ward

Digital Projects and Process Coordination

Becca Cullum

Licensing Consulting and Membership Coordination

Connor Camilleri

Marketing & Social Media

Lara Carolan

Admin and Content Support

Michael Kill

With several decades of experience working within independent, corporate as well as public sector environments at the executive level; Mike specialises in Marketing, Operations, Licensing, Logistics, and System implementation.  Mike is a proven Operator whose reputation led him to significant roles like Group Operations Director for The Drink Group and Commercial Director for Norwich University thus allowing Mike to work alongside key figures, not only within the industry but with local authorities and community stakeholders, establishing sound working relationships and building bridges amongst communities.

Mike has been involved in many high-level initiatives both within local and national government, alongside key stakeholders. Many roles within this industry involved facilitating best practices for independents and multi-site operators of venues, bars, and pubs, with more recent experiences working very closely with festivals and live venues in shaping operational efficiencies and best practices on a regional level in conjunction with the Police and Local Authorities.

Mike’s experience involves managing several multi-business procurement contracts with international retail suppliers which have generated circa £50M plus in listing merchandise and retrospective agreements. He has also been fundamental to the rollout of a national music event strategy for the largest late-night entertainment multi-venue operator in Europe. 

He has worked closely with a considerable number of artists and music brands in developing bespoke shows for both stand-alone events and larger-scale festivals across the UK and still maintains a strong relationship and excellent reputation within the industry as an operator, promoter, and procurement specialist.

As CEO of the NTIA, Mike has become a national figurehead for the UK’s nighttime industries, a role proven to be especially significant in the wake of Covid-19. Throughout this period, he has relentlessly pushed for recognition and stability for the night time economy, challenging government policy and lobbying for long term reform while simultaneously supporting businesses. Decades’ worth of experience within the independent, corporate and public sectors, with senior roles at Luminar Leisure, The Drinks Group and University of East Anglia, has ensured he’s well positioned to mediate between stakeholders, authorities and communities, making him a powerful changemaker on both national and international scenes. Mike is relentless in seeking a voice for industry operators and creatives, using his already established reputation within the nighttime entertainment sector to secure industry-wide innovation that benefits all.

Silvana Kill

With over 25 years working within the late-night entertainment industry, Silvana is now an integral member of the leadership team at the NTIA.

As Director of Operations, her tasks are manifold, but her passion lies in improving diversity, equality, inclusion, and wellbeing.

She spotlights these issues with unparalleled cross-cultural knowledge, a history of inspiring action, and the kind of characteristic gusto that’s made her a figurehead for the scene.

She has also been fundamental in the development of NTIA CIC, a project designed to showcase the unique cultural output of nighttime industries.

Louise Ward

Louise is a consultant helping the NTIA to streamline and digitalise its administrative, membership, and operational processes. She also built this website! Working alongside her husband at their software company, Madferret Software Ltd, Louise is determined to create a better digital experience both internally and for NTIA members and supporters.

She’s enjoyed the whole spectrum of the night-time industry, from rave nights in Watford to cheesy club nights in Luton, muddy nights at Glastonbury to mosh pit nights at Brixton, swanky gin nights in Mayfair to family nights at her local Northamptonshire country pubs. 

The night time industry is ingrained in her music, social, and family culture. She couldn’t live without it. 

Best song of all time: Live Forever, Oasis. 

Best dance track: Sandstorm, Darude. 

Favourite live music experience: The Libertines at The Forum, Kentish Town.

Favourite nightclub experience: Heaven, London

Becca Cullum

Becca is a retail and hospitality consultant with over 20 years of experience in the licensed trade.

Before joining the NTIA family, she worked as Head of Risk for a national security company, managing the compliance and admin team with responsibilities ranging from H&S to insurance. She also played an important role in company projects and the senior leadership team.

Prior to this, she worked for several major pub and nightclub companies, as a highly experienced Licensing Manager. Liaising regularly with Operators, Directors, local authorities, Police, solicitors, trade bodies, compliance companies, the Home Office, and many other external suppliers to the trade to drive and enforce legislative licensing processes and best practices across a nationwide estate.

Connor Camilleri

Connor is the NTIA’s Digital Marketer and Graphic Designer. He is fanatical about the latest technological advancements, and trends, and loves bringing his creative flair and enthusiasm to work.

He manages the NTIA and NTIA CIC’s social accounts, designs pixel-perfect visuals, and constantly updates the NTIA’s site in collaboration with the NTIA’s hard-working team.

Lara Carolan

Lara is the newest member of the NTIA team. Her role is integral in assisting the team to make content available for members as well as assisting in day-to-day administrative tasks.

Lara loves going to concerts and has been to a few festivals now. Live music has always been something that she, her family, and her friends have bonded over.

“Nothing beats seeing your favourite artists with your favourite people”.

She also loves a pub garden to catch up with friends when they are all home. She is truly happy to be able to help the NTIA to support the industry.

Best song of all time – You Got Me, The Roots

Best dance track – Paris City Jazz, Bellaire

Favourite live music experience – “My favourite live music experience is Little Simz at Love Supreme festival 2023. She carried the crowd the entire set, had us dancing, in our heels and singing the whole way through. Simz created such a beautiful connection with the audience that I couldn’t help but have the best time. It was definitely the best performance I have seen so far”.

Favourite nightclub experience – “Being in Heaven and seeing Disclosure DJ is my favourite nightclub memory. The night was amazing and the atmosphere in the club was great. Seeing everyone dancing and singing along of all ages, having fun and enjoying themselves means you can’t help but love the club.”