NTIA’s #LeaveNoOneBehind Campaign Surges: Over 5,000 Representations to MPs Fuel Push for VAT Reduction in Spring Budget

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The #LeaveNoOneBehind Campaign has ignited a powerful wave of advocacy across the UK, as thousands of businesses and supporters unite to implore their MPs to champion their cause. Over the past three weeks alone, more than 5,000 representations have flooded into constituent MP’s offices, urging them to advocate for a reduction in VAT to 12.5% across the board in the upcoming Spring Budget.

The hospitality and night-time economy sectors, pillars of our nation’s culture and economic vitality, have faced unparalleled challenges in recent times. The ongoing global pandemic, coupled with stringent restrictions and economic uncertainties, has pushed these industries to the brink. Recognising the urgent need for support, businesses and individuals from all corners of the country have rallied behind the #LeaveNoOneBehind Campaign.

Michael Kill, CEO of the Night Time Industries Association, emphasised the critical nature of this collective effort, stating, “We cannot afford to leave any businesses behind in this Budget. Failure to extend additional relief in the form of VAT over the coming 12 months could be catastrophic for many, as they grapple with unprecedented financial pressures.” 

His impassioned plea reflects the shared sentiment among stakeholders that decisive action must be taken to safeguard the future of countless enterprises.

The overwhelming support garnered by the #LeaveNoOneBehind Campaign underscores the depth of concern and determination within the industry. As the Budget approaches, voices from across the nation unite in a resounding call for measures that will provide essential lifelines to struggling businesses and ensure their continued survival.

In the face of adversity, solidarity prevails. Together, we urge policymakers to heed the impassioned pleas of businesses and supporters nationwide and take decisive action to support the backbone of our economy.

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