WMS 5 – Extending Licensing Hours for the 2024 UEFA European Championship

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Statement made by Chris Philp, The Minister of State for Crime, Policing and Fire

The Government has consulted on, and will be proceeding with, the proposal to make a contingent Licensing Hours Order under Section 172 of the Licensing Act 2003. This Order will relax licensing hours in England and Wales for the 2024 UEFA European Championship, subject to any of the competing home nation teams (England and Scotland) reaching the semi-final or final of the tournament.

The Order will apply to premises already licensed until 11pm for the sale of alcohol for consumption on the premises in England and Wales. The Order will extend the licensing hours for such premises from 11pm to 1am the following day on the days of the semi-final (9 and/or 10 July) and final (14 July) of the tournament should the criteria of the contingent Order be met.

The Government considers the semi-final and final of the tournament to be an occasion of exceptional national significance and an extension to licensing hours will enable communities to come together at their local licensed premises to support any of the home nation teams if they reach the later stages of the tournament and celebrate any subsequent success. This will also provide support to the hospitality sector by enabling businesses to extend their trading hours if they so wish.

The results of the consultation will be published on GOV.UK. The Government is grateful to everyone who responded to the consultation. The Order will be laid in Parliament in due course and an Economic Note will be published alongside it on legislation.gov.uk.


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