NTIA Concerned the Proposed Measures in Kings Speech will Deepen Divide Between Policing and Late Night Economy

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The King’s Speech has set the stage for a pivotal moment in our nation’s history, and as we look ahead, concerns are mounting over whether the proposed measures on anti-social behaviour by the Government will bridge gaps or deepen the divide between some police forces and the night time industry. This crossroads marks a critical juncture in the relationship between these stakeholders, leaving the industry in a state of apprehension and uncertainty.

Given the government’s determination to advance the Terrorism Draft Bill (Protect Duty), along with the evident difficulties confronting the sector within this proposed legislation and the existing licensing regulations, there is a unanimous call for a reassessment of its positioning and utility, taking into account its harmonisation with the prevailing legislation throughout the sector.

Michael Kill CEO NTIA Says:

“Our night time economy is the heartbeat of our city, a place where culture, creativity, and community come alive. I’m deeply passionate about preserving its vitality.”

“The King’s Speech has ushered us into a critical moment, with Protect Duty legislation and a focus on anti-social behaviour in the spotlight. We yearn for unconditional collaboration, not division. We stand ready to work hand in hand with authorities to ensure the safety and vibrancy of our city.”

“Our question is whether these measures will unite us, present ill-thought-out consequential challenges or pull us apart. We believe in unity. Our industry is all about open dialogue, cooperation, and shared responsibility.“

“We implore the Government, the Home Secretary, and policing authorities to see this as a chance to strengthen partnerships and let our industry thrive.”

While the imperative to ensure safety and security is undeniably important, there is a growing apprehension within the industry about the potential implications of these measures. Will these measures be used as an opportunity to enhance cooperation and partnership, or will they become a divisive tool that strains the relationship between policing and the night time economy?

Anti-social behaviour is a concern that resonates with the entire community. However, the question remains: will these measures be utilised to build constructive relationships and unconditional partnerships with the industry? Or, will they be wielded as a tool for compliance, deepening the divide and leaving the night time economy at odds with some Police Forces?

The concerns stemming from the King’s Speech and the ensuing legislation are shared by many within the night time economy. We call for an open and honest dialogue that ensures the industry can continue to thrive while contributing positively to the UK’s culture and economic growth. The time is ripe to decide whether we will choose cooperation, unity, and safety, or risk deepening the divide between policing and the industry.

The NTIA believe that through meaningful collaboration between the Police, business owners, and local communities, common ground can be found to bridge gaps and create a vibrant and harmonious night time economy that serves the best interests of all.

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