Welsh Government: Written Statement: The Final Budget 2024-25

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Rebecca Evans MS, Minister for Finance and Local Government

Today, I have tabled the Welsh Government’s Final Budget for 2024-25 – a Budget which prioritises the public services that matter most to the people of Wales.  

The Final Budget 2024-25 builds on the spending plans we have already set out in the Draft Budget by announcing additional resource and capital allocations and a number of administrative changes.

The final Budget documents are available in Welsh and English on the Welsh Government’s website and include:

  • Annual Budget Motion.
  • Budget Expenditure Lines (BEL tables). 
  • Final Budget Explanatory Note. 
  • Tables supporting Spending Plans.
  • Wales Infrastructure Investment Plan Project Pipeline (February 2023)

The following document, which is part of the suite of documents published today, is also available:

  • Office for Budget Responsibility independent assessment of our tax proposals – Welsh Taxes Outlook, February 2023 update.

Following constructive discussions with the Lead Designated Member from Plaid Cymru we are also publishing a joint paper as part of the Co-operation Agreement

The UK Government has announced its plans for a Spring Statement on 6 March. My intention is to make a statement as early as possible following this to provide an update on forecasts and the detail of any funding consequentials for Wales.

The Final Budget debate and vote will take place in the Senedd on 5 March.


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