UK Music launches “A Manifesto For Music”

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Today UK Music is launching A Manifesto For Music, which outlines the key asks of all parties ahead of the forthcoming conferences and in the run up to the next election.

The manifesto urges the next Government to develop a comprehensive, medium to long-term music strategy for growth. The blueprint sets out a five-point plan for political parties and calls for swift action to implement these key policies.

The five key recommendations in UK Music’s Manifesto for Music are:

  • Invest millions more in music education and recruit and train an army of new music teachers.
  • Ensure artificial intelligence (AI) supports human artistry through strong copyright standards, clear labelling and record keeping requirements, and contains protections for the personality rights of music makers. 
  • Fix the European touring crisis by securing a Cultural Touring Agreement with the EU to help cut red tape and soaring costs.
  • Introduce a tax credit to encourage new UK music production.
  • Secure a fair deal for music lovers by ending rip-off secondary ticketing practices.

The manifesto also makes a number of other recommendations, including proposals to boost exports, protect venues and studios and promote diversity.

To access the full manifesto click here. More information is available here.

If you would like to discuss the manifesto further with us and how you can help further please get in touch with Tom at [email protected].

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