The Second UK Electronic Music Industry Report

How electronic music keeps the UK economy thriving. The second UK electronic music industry report. The economic, community and cultural value of the electronic music industry in the UK.
Second UK Electronic Music Industry Report

Electronic Beats, Economic Treats 2024: Unveiling the Latest Insights into the UK’s Electronic Music Industry

We’re excited to announce the release of “Electronic Beats, Economic Treats 2024,” the second annual report that dives deep into the economic and cultural impact of the UK’s electronic music scene. This year’s findings highlight the industry’s significant contributions and the evolving trends shaping our national economy.

Key Highlights from the 2024 Report:

  • Digital Dominance: Electronic music’s impressive rank as the second most popular genre on the UK’s digital music platforms.
  • Festival Frontiers: The genre’s lead with 30% of artists at UK festivals, surpassing other genres in popularity and presence.
  • Global Recognition: The UK’s esteemed position as the third-largest host of electronic music festivals worldwide.
  • Artistic Influence: The overwhelming influence of electronic music on 73% of the top 30 global artists.
  • Fan Engagement: The daily listening habits of 80% of UK fans, underscore the genre’s broad appeal and emotional impact.

Economic Contributions:

The report meticulously outlines electronic music’s £2.5 billion impact on the UK, detailing the dynamics of nightclubs, festivals, concerts, and recorded music sectors. Despite a slight decrease, the industry shows resilience and growth in key areas.

Delving Deeper:

“Electronic Beats, Economic Treats 2024” goes beyond the numbers to explore the narratives, trends, and case studies that paint a comprehensive picture of the industry’s influence and innovation.

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