The Gambling Commission recently introduced new, more prescriptive, customer interaction requirements for remote operators under SR Code 3.4.3.

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Published: 28 November 2022 by Alex Tomlinson. Trainee solicitor

Regulator seeks feedback from operators on social responsibility guidance.

The Gambling commission recently introduced new, more prescriptive, customer interaction requirement for remote operators under SR Code 3.4.3. The majority of these requirements coming into effect on the 12th September 2022.

The 14 new requirements are set out in Social Responsibility Code Provision 3.4.3, and were published in April 2022. A link to these can be found here

The SR code 3.4.3 applies to all remote licences, except any remote lottery licence the holder of which does not provide facilities for participation in instant win or high frequency lotteries.

The aim of the code 3.4.3 is to ensure that licensees have effective controls to minimise the risk of customers experiencing harms associated with gambling.

The Gambling Commission has begun consultation on the proposed guidance on these new requirements. The Gambling Commission would like to hear from operators about the experiences of the new requirements and how the new proposed guidance could be improved.

Matters which are not addressed in the consultation are:

  • the requirements of SR Code Provision 3.4.3 itself.
  • matters associated with unaffordable gambling and the specific thresholds which should apply.
  • matters associated with sharing data across operators to identify customers at risk of harm, which is often referred to as a ‘single customer view’.

If you would like to comment on the consultation, please see the below link. The consultation deadline is Monday 23rd January 2022.

Remote customer interaction – consultation on guidance document – Introduction – The Gambling Commission – Citizen Space

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