Petrol hits new record as Government pulls plug on electric vehicle grants – AA

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20-mile commute costs 16.4p a mile in petrol car, as little as 1.2p a mile in an EV

Petrol and diesel average prices hit new records yesterday as the Government today announced it was killing off the plug-in grant for new electric cars.

Petrol rose to 185.44p a litre yesterday, up from 178.50p a litre this time last week and 130.70p a year ago.

Diesel has hit 191.21p a litre, compared to 185.20p a week ago and 132.98p this time 12 months ago.

Comparing the cost per mile of an electric car versus a petrol equivalent, while a 20-mile commute costs around 16.4p per mile for the petrol car the EV can cost as little as 1.2p a mile.

That would make the cost of that 20-mile commute just 25p in the EV and £3.28 in the petrol car.

Charging costs vary depending on time of day, location and speed of charger. The calculation above, based on a Vauxhall Corsa-e versus its petrol equivalent *, relates to an off-peak charging cost of 4.5p per kWh at home.

For a more typical cost of 28p per kWh, the cost of that 20-mile commute rises to 7.8p a mile. And with a 55p per kWh cost of a rapid charge away from home, the cost per mile rises to 15.2p a mile.

For those two charge levels, the cost of the journey becomes respectively £1.55 and £3.04.

“Edmund King, AA president, said: “The latest plug-in grant of £1,500 for EVs costing under £32,000 has been essential for many drivers making the switch from petrol and diesel. The plug has been pulled at the wrong time on this important grant before many users, still waiting for delayed EVs due to global shortages, have made the change.

“The numbers of drivers, and indeed many fleets, planning to make the switch to EV accelerated due to the rising pump price. They may now back out until they can find more cash.

“With record prices at the pumps and households budgets already stretched, removing the last incentive to go electric could stall this important move to electrification and helping drivers to escape the fossil-fuel-price nightmare once and for all.”

Media contact: AA Public Affairs on 01256 493493

Source: Policy Mogul

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