Over 200 Clubs Nominated for “The World’s 100 Best Clubs™” 2024

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A message from Nightlife International (Barcelona, Spain)

We are pleased to inform that, with 15 days left to nominate, 203 clubs from 25 different countries have already been nominated to enter the list of “The World’s 100 Best Clubs™” 2024.

At the moment, the United States and Spain lead the number of clubs nominated for the list, followed by Canada and the United Kingdom.

The nomination period will close within 15 days

The nomination process is ongoing, and the submission deadline is May 15th. We want to remind you that nominating a club is very simple. You just have to go to this link: https://www.nightlifeinternational.org/en/nominations and enter the name and location of the venue. As said before, nominations will be open until May 15th and a minimum of 25 nominations made by different people will be necessary for the venue to access the subsequent voting phase. Only clubs with the Gold Membership distinction (recommended venues by our organization) will automatically advance to the voting period without needing to acquire 25 nominations.

We encourage all clubs to actively engage in the nomination process by promoting their clubs on social media. Remember to tag us in your posts (@nightlifeinter)! You can also use the hashtag #theworlds100bestclubs2024 to join the conversation and connect with other participants.

Once closed the nomination period, the popular voting period will be open

As we informed some days ago, following the nomination phase, the voting period will start on June 1st and run until October 1st. During this time, the public will have the opportunity to participate in the voting process through a dedicated platform that will be activated on June 1st. As said before, remember that only venues that receive at least 25 nominations and clubs with the Gold Membership distinction will proceed to the voting process and so, will be able to make it to the List.

After the public voting period it will be the turn of the professional jury.

Subsequently, from October 1st to November 1st, a panel of experts will carefully evaluate a variety of factors to determine the final ranking. These factors include the clubs’ 2024 artistic programming, security measures to protect clients and staff members, VIP amenities, online reservation capabilities, quality of service, social media activity, national and international awards, achieved distinctions, acoustic quality, soundproofing measures, MRT system and commitment to the UN’s sustainable development goals. The expert panel’s evaluations will be worth 50% of the final result.

To ensure the professional jury has all the necessary information about each club, an information request form will be sent to all candidate clubs ahead of time, allowing them to provide all the necessary details. However, venues distinguished with the Triple Excellence in Nightlife seal will not need to fill it out.

The professional jury’s scoring system will rank each item by the number of points given, and their vote will be added to the total score.

The List will be released on November 20th

The highly anticipated list of “The World’s 100 Best Clubs™” 2024 will be unveiled on November 20th during the 9th Golden Moon Awards Gala. Stay tuned for an unforgettable celebration of international nightlife!

If you need more information you can contact us by sending an e-mail to [email protected].

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