NTIA Wales Responds to the Announcement by Welsh Government on Withdrawal of Restrictions

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Following the announcement from Welsh Government that restrictions will be withdrawn over a phased period starting from next week, leading to the withdrawal of further restrictions for hospitality and night time economy at the end of the month, with COVID Passes remaining in place.

Michael Kill CEO NTIA Says
“Finally a common sense approach from the Welsh Government! Following intense campaigning from the industry and trade bodies we have put an end to the uncertainty.”

“While we are relieved that we finally have clarity on Welsh Government’s intentions, it has come at a cost to businesses, staff and supply chain.”

“It is difficult to accept that we remain subject to Covid passes for nightclubs in Wales. They were sold as the solution to nightclubs and similar settings remaining open, and that they are an effective way of managing transmission within these environments”

“It is clear from the period of closure and restrictions that this is not the case, it is also clear that there is no evidence base that has been presented by Welsh Government to support this decision.”

“I would urge the Welsh Government to realise the farcical basis of this mitigation, with no scientific evidence or data to support it, and end it in line with the date that restrictions for nightclubs are withdrawn at the end of this Month.”

“This policy seems only to have exacerbated market distortion, segregation, impact on trade and compromise staff and customer safety.”

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