NTIA & UKDSA Urges Government to Extend Protections to Frontline Security Staff within Night Time Economy

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Following the announcement that the Government has presented plans to target Serial or abusive shoplifters, who will face tougher punishments as the Prime Minister sets out tough new action to crack down on retail crime and protect UK high streets.

Michael Kill CEO of the Night Time Industries Association “I commend the government’s decisive action to combat retail crime and protect the invaluable staff who serve our communities. Assaulting retail workers is an intolerable offence that undermines the safety and security of our high streets. By establishing assault on retail staff as a standalone criminal offence, the government is sending a strong message that such behaviour will not be tolerated.

However, as we celebrate this step forward, we must also address the urgent need to extend protections to the security sector. Shockingly, over 90% of security operatives endure verbal and physical abuse or sexual harassment in the line of duty. It’s imperative that the government considers implementing similar measures to safeguard these essential workers who contribute to maintaining public safety.

Moreover, the initiatives to track and penalise serial offenders through tagging and enhanced community sentencing are crucial steps toward deterring repeat criminality. By investing in facial recognition technology which has been trialled on the south coast, and bolstering police resources, we can prevent crimes before they occur and hold perpetrators accountable.

As we move forward, I urge the government to prioritise the safety and well-being of all frontline workers, including those in the security sector, and continue collaborating with industry stakeholders to ensure comprehensive protection for those who serve our communities tirelessly. Together, we can create safer environments for both workers and patrons alike, fostering vibrant and thriving high streets and night time economies across the UK.

Docuseries presented by BBC on the Abuse suffered by the Door Security Sector.

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