NTIA Supports toughening of Taxi Licensing to safeguard passengers across England

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  • Robust new rules to clamp down on unfit taxi and private hire vehicle drivers and boost passenger safety.
  • National database will prevent drivers who lose their licence from applying elsewhere without other authorities knowing about previous wrongdoing.
  • Campaign groups and industry welcome action to stop offenders slipping through the net.

Building on existing legislation, councils in England will now be mandated to use a national database to record instances where taxi and private hire vehicle drivers have their licences removed for misconduct. This new law will prevent them from simply reapplying for a licence in other areas by alerting the system to concerns about their prior behaviour.

This will ensure passengers can use taxis and private hire vehicles with greater confidence that these modes of transport are safe, helping to strengthen communities and restore pride in towns and high streets across the country.

While the vast majority of taxi and private hire trips are safe and efficient, there have been a small number of reports linking a minority of drivers to incidents of sexual harassment, abuse, and poor driving.

Michael Kill CEO NTIA Says:

“We support the Government’s move to toughen Taxi Licensing, further safeguarding consumers and the workforce working at night. With tighter checks on drivers, we hope the new legislation will deter unfit taxi and private hire drivers from entering the sector.”

“Taxis and private hire vehicles are an important part of the nightlife transport infrastructure in cities and towns across the UK, with the vast majority of drivers being responsible and hardworking.”

“This is an important change which we believe will go some way in ensuring we have a safer environment to work and socialise at night.”

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