NTIA Slam Government’s view that there is no need for Specific Spiking Offence

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Michael Kill CEO NTIA says:

“We are extremely disappointed at the outcome of the Government’s inquiry, and feel that while the suggestion is that the Police and legislation are equipped to deal with these heinous crimes, the evidence and data gathering preceding October 2021 proved extremely hard to track and assess, with many of these crimes hidden against the crimes of sexual assault or robbery, particularly as the window of evidence gathering and reporting is so short.”

“Some of the key asks by the Association during the Home Affairs Inquiry on Spiking is the requirement for a national overt campaign targeting perpetrators, a national training scheme but most importantly to create a clear process for these crimes to be managed by the Police and Operators in licensed and non licensed environments, considering the importance of data in gaining a greater understanding of the characteristics of the people who carry out these crimes, prevalence, locations etc..”

“This is hugely short sighted by the Government and will without doubt still retain legacy issues in reporting and data gathering as seen pre October 2021.”

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