NTIA & SHG Launch Campaign for Homeless Project

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Night time Industries Association & The Scottish Hospitality Group (SHG) launch a campaign to raise vital funding to buy new LEZ compliant vehicles after Glasgow Council implemented a scheme without consideration for the Homeless Project Welfare Service.

The Hospitality sector in Scotland is renowned for its generosity and support not only in crisis but in support of those less fortunate within our local communities.

On Thursday 1st June, Glasgow City Council implemented its Low Emissions Zone scheme, leaving an important homeless charity very close to our hearts in a situation, where their current vehicles are non-compliant, and losing these vehicles has limited the ability for them to care for the homeless in our communities.

The Homeless Project Scotland was started off with just two volunteers, walking the streets distributing warm drinks to the homeless across Glasgow in flasks.

Today the very same charity feeds over three hundred homeless people every day from their “Soup Kitchen” on Argyle Street in Glasgow.

They also have dedicated volunteer street cyclists who provide food, water, clothing and immediate help, supported by street teams who go wherever they need to in the city to provide assistance, 24hrs a day, 365 days a year.

With the new LEZ Scheme, the three vans which provide vital life saving assistance to the teams on the ground, are not LEZ compliant. Although Glasgow City Council have given only a two month exemption for a refrigerated van, the remaining vans are unable to be used.

The Charity does not have the funding to be able to purchase new vans, with most of the funding raised going into supporting the people who need it most.

We want to change this, by raising enough money to buy them a van so they can continue to do the amazing work these volunteers do, in many cases saving peoples lives, and continuing to be able to collect food supplies to support their amazing soup kitchen

Please donate what you can, the price of one drink on a night out would make all the difference and help us to help them to purchase a van, and help those less fortunate within our communities!

**Supported by the Scottish Hospitality Group & The Night Time Industries Association Scotland

Spokesperson NTIA Scotland Says
“Its times like this when communities need to come together and look after those that are less fortunate, we are all facing tough times but are strength comes from our collective voice and support.”

“The Homeless Project plays an important role within the community, but with the implementation of the LEZ scheme it has been left with a short time period to make their current vehicles compliant or to buy new vehicles to support the important work they do.”

Stephen Montgomery Director SHG Says
“Again hospitality shows that it is willing to step up to the mark to show charitable support. We are all going through tough times, but the work that the Homeless Project Scotland does day in and night out is beyond remarkable, and we could not allow the Glasgow LEZ scheme to put at jeopardy the needs of those so heavily dependent on this charity. To be able to provide them with a new vehicle to carry on their work, would be an amazing achievement”

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