NTIA Scotland Welcome Halt to DRS Scheme

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NTIA Scotland Spokesperson says:

“NTIA Scotland welcomes the news that the Scottish Government’s DRS scheme will be delayed in its current form until at least October 2025 until a UK wide set of standards can be agreed.

Scotland’s DRS scheme as it had been designed was simply unworkable and both the Scottish and UK Governments must now take this opportunity to review the fundamental flaws and challenges that would have severely disadvantaged Scotland’s small businesses. ”

“At a meeting this morning with the First Minister the single biggest message from business was that any scheme must be identical in scope and timing across the whole of the UK. It’s important that we take a common sense approach and consider how to design a consistent and fair UK wide set of scheme standards, avoiding market distortions.”

“We will continue to engage with Governments across all 4 nations of the UK on the implementation of a UK wide set of DRS scheme standards that learn lessons from the pitfalls and mistakes which unfortunately were not able to be resolved in Scotland .”

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