NTIA Says UK Lagging Behind Other Countries in Supporting Nightlife

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The UK is renowned globally for its club culture, its grassroots music movement and its vibrant bars, pubs and restaurants, festivals and events.

In the last week, the Irish Government has committed to NTE Advisor in 9 major cities across the country, and every month we are seeing a night time economy advisor being appointed in the US with over 50 worldwide.

The appointment of NTE Advisors across the world, in a plight to better the night time industries across the globe are bearing fruit, with dynamic work on soundscaping, noise, training, safety etc.

Major Cities across the world are establishing nightlife offices, commissions and ambassadors to embrace recovery and work towards a sustainable, safe night time economy, which is bearing fruit with dynamic work on soundscaping, noise, training, safety etc.

The UK is only appointing one NTE Advisor every 2 years!

The industry in the UK is responsible for over 300 million nightlife tourists per year, generating over 112 billion in revenue and employing just under 2 million people

As an industry we recognise the economic, community and cultural value of the Night Time Economy, why do our politicians in the central and regional Government not see the value or importance?

We have been calling for reform, a consistent and considered approach post pandemic, deregulation, licensing and planning easements, retraining of enforcement officers to truly understand our industry and culture. But we are confronted with austerity, taxation and noise abatement notices.

These appointments will allow us to start to work towards tackling these issues, whilst building collaborative working relationships and trust between the industry and Government representatives in every major city across the UK.

We are calling on the cities listed below to work with us to establish these roles, building on the network of NTE Advisors across the country to support nightlife and rebuild our local and national economy.

Liverpool / Brighton / Glasgow / Edinburgh / Cardiff / Swansea / Nottingham / Sheffield / Leeds / Leicester / Belfast / Hull / Newcastle / Southampton

Michael Kill CEO NTIA says:

“I am calling on every major city across the UK to work with us in creating these vitally important roles in our cities, building on the network of NTE Advisors across the country to support nightlife and rebuild our local and national economy.”

“The UK is held in such high regard for its cultural tapestry, from festivals to clubs, and deserves the commitment from regional politicians to lay the foundation for a successful future.”

“Over 100 thousand businesses generate over 100 Billion in revenue annually. If we are not careful our World Leading Night Time Economy will lose ground on the Rest of the World. Let’s not get left behind because of political and local indifferences. Our industry is fundamental to the economic recovery of this country and needs greater consideration.”

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