NTIA Says Impact of Industrial Action on Night Time Economy Becoming Critical

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The combined rail and tube strikes taking place across the country this week are set to cost night time economy businesses over a billion in lost revenue, with consumer confidence in travel at an all time low.

Night Time Economy businesses continue to suffer millions in lost sales as a result of the dispute, which is also significantly impacting workers and consumers.

Michael Kill CEO NTIA says:
“Our sector has been heavily damaged by industrial action since the start of the dispute last year, with businesses that are currently at the sharpest end of the cost inflation crisis continuing to suffer this week.”

“The impacts of industrial action are far reaching, with businesses losing billions in vital revenue, workforce unable to get to and from work and earn vital income and consumer confidence in travel at an all time low.”

“Following the hollow budget delivered by the Chancellor yesterday, it seems clear that the Government has not considered the impacts or the immediate crisis faced by this sector, and has left us isolated, with no other option but to trade out of this chaos.”

“As we approach some of the key trading periods for the sector, it is now vital for the survival of thousands of Independent businesses that all sides reach a settlement as a matter of urgency, to avoid further disruption.”

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