NTIA Says High Inflation Still impacting Night Time Economy Businesses and Consumer Spend

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Michael Kill CEO NTIA Says:

“Figures announced today shows no movement in inflation at 8.7%, replicating the rates released in April this year.”

“This is a stark reality check for the Government, leaving inflation incredibly high that it is having a huge impact on consumers and businesses spend and investment.”

“Even with warmer weather and numerous bank holidays and national celebrations to strengthen trade, it has not been enough to alleviate the onerous cost of operating for businesses or extend the frequency or spend of consumers looking to go out and enjoy a meal, music event or a social drink amongst friends.”

“The Government must consider tackling inflation by bringing down the costs of energy, food and drink through tax cuts, and look to ease workforce shortages, with broader considerations around deregulation, and the ability for businesses to invest in expanding trade without bureaucratic limitations or timescales.”

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