NTIA Says Governments Economic Plan Doesn’t Deal with Immediate Sector Crisis

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Michael Kill CEO Says:

“This country is being brought to a standstill, with over 500,000 workers on strike this week.”

“The Government cannot ignore the growing frustration and anger, not only from the UK wide workforce, but the millions of businesses across the country that have been hammered by industrial action, inflation and the subsequent cost of living crisis.”

“Our sector is predicted to lose over £100 million in revenue because of this week’s industrial action alone.”

“We cannot emphasize enough that this industry will not survive further austerity, or crises.”

“We are dealing with an immediate issue, which will not be resolved by a Government that is focused on long term strategic planning for investment and growth in the next 3, 6, 12 months.”

“Can the Government not see that these businesses will not be here to benefit.”

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