NTIA Say UK’s Night Time Economy is Under Attack!

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In the last 6 months the UK’s Night Time Economy has been under attack. Noise complaints have escalated exponentially, with businesses under pressure to tone down the music and tell patrons to leave venues and pubs quietly from vibrant urban centres across London.

Coupled with growing operating costs, businesses in the UK are being challenged by Police and Licensing authorities through resident complaints, but the reality is they are being scrutinised for doing what we have always done.

Residents have become used to quieter nights over the last three years, with limited or no night time economy engagement due to pandemic restrictions.

The transition from pandemic lockdowns to open for business from July 2021 and the rebirth of night time economy businesses who suffered at the hands of the pandemic, has seen a huge influx of noise abatement notices and pressures from local authorities to reduce noise and nuisance.

With a considerable number of specialist licensing legal firms across the UK dealing with a deluge of the capital’s noise complaints, defending and advising on hundreds of cases.

Some of these cases are born from malice, but some are due to residential developments taking place during the pandemic where licensing and planning do not consider the long term impacts.

The predominance of the sector works hard to be part of a business community that considers its neighbours and local community, working closely with groups to ensure we work closely together to communicate and resolve issues.

For three years Night Time Economy Businesses have worked hard to navigate the pandemic, in many cases without reason or knowledge of why the sector has been marginalised.NTIA

The NTIA are calling for the Government to work towards protecting this sector, through agent of change and asset protection schemes similar to Berlin, particularly the independent businesses that are such a vital part of the cultural makeup of the capital.

Michael Kill CEO NTIA Says:

“The UK’s Night Time Economy businesses are under attack, undeservedly in many cases. These businesses have weathered over three years of austerity, and now with untenable operating costs, face a fight for survival.”

“The escalation of noise complaints across the UK has become a real issue with businesses not only feeling the pressures of current costs and trade, but now the notion that their livelihoods could be challenged at any moment.”

“With an estimated 300 Million visitors to the UK’s nightlife each year, these businesses are vitally important to the recovery of the capital and are the backbone to our local economies.”

“We need the Government to recognise the importance of these businesses and protect them with the same vigour that they would the museums, galleries and historic sites that the UK is known so well for.”

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