NTIA Say More Strike Action will be Death Knell for many Night Time Economy Businesses

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Michael Kill CEO NTIA Say:

“Further strike action across the Christmas period announced yesterday will be the death knell for many NTE businesses.”

“These businesses are suffering heavily, with thousands of bookings being cancelled and some attempting to bring bookings forward to avoid strike action, creating further chaos.”

“In previous strike action days, we have seen in some cases up to 40% lost in trade, with billions of pounds in revenue in the balance over the holiday period, which they are relying on to survive.”

“It is clear public opinion is shifting, with many angry at being unable to enjoy a traditional festive period after 3 years of disruption.”

“The actions of the unions and rail companies in reaching a resolution at such a critical time is unacceptable.”

“Our sector will not survive the current cost inflation crisis and further industrial action, and will require a Government intervention and further support for businesses at the sharpest end of this crisis.”

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