NTIA Responds to the Consultation into late night levy by the Home Office

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Michael Kill, NTIA CEO Says:

“For some time now the Late Night Levy has been seen as Ineffective and costly, continuing to stall the recovery of the night-time economy, which was among the hardest hit by the pandemic.”

“With the potential consultation looking at expanding the use of the levy, increasing the cost burden to businesses. It clearly shows how out of touch the Government is with industry, not only inflicting further financial burden on the sector, but more importantly an unjustified tax for late night businesses against the backdrop of the sector with cost inflation being a huge challenge.”

“Only 9 cities across the UK implement this tax, with many cities reaching their own conclusions on its effectiveness, with the House of Lords Committee having the same view; concluding that the levy had failed to achieve its objectives and should be abolished.”

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