NTIA Raise Concern on the Impact of the National Minimum Wage on Night Time Economy Businesses

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Statement from Michael Kill, CEO of the Night Time Industries Association on Impact of National Minimum Wage on NTE Businesses.

“Today, as the new national minimum wage comes into effect, I am deeply concerned about its implications for businesses within the night time economy. This increase places an overwhelming burden on establishments already struggling to stay afloat amidst challenging times.The reality facing our members is daunting. The sudden surge in staff costs adds an additional layer of complexity to an already delicate financial balance.”

“While the government’s gesture of extending business rates relief is appreciated, it provides little solace to the countless businesses grappling with the intensified pressure on their bottom line.”

“It’s a bitter irony that while on one hand, support is extended, on the other, it is swiftly retracted through increased wage obligations. This imbalance threatens the very fabric of our vibrant nightlife sector.”

“As CEO of the Night Time Industries Association, I urge the government to recognise the urgency of this situation.”

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