NTIA Encouraged by Prime Minister’s Decision to Extend Off Sales Provision

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The Night Time Industries Association welcomes the Prime Minister’s recent decision to extend the off sales provision for pubs and bars until the end of September 2023. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s intervention eliminates the need for a separate application process, ensuring that businesses can sustain off sales operations. This extension also upholds the licensing easement introduced in July 2020, designed to offer support to the struggling pubs and bars during the ongoing crisis.

NTIA’s CEO, Michael Kill, commends the Prime Minister’s decision as a display of common sense prevailing. Kill highlights that this decision will maintain continuity in trading for businesses that have relied on off sales for the past three years, a provision initially implemented in July 2020.

Acknowledging the unprecedented challenges faced by the night-time economy and hospitality industry, Kill believes that this decision will provide essential relief to pubs and their business operations. He emphasises the sector’s significant contribution to both the economy and the social fabric of local communities.

Kill highlights the important role that the played in influencing the decision, which alleviates some of the pressures faced by pub owners who depend on this provision. He urges the Government to maintain a similar approach in addressing ongoing challenges faced by the sector, once again allowing it to actively contribute to the broader UK recovery efforts.

NTIA remains committed to advocating for the interests of the night-time economy and hospitality industry and anticipates continued collaboration with the government to address sector-specific challenges.

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