NTIA Confirm Trailblazing Lineup for the Night Time Economy Summit

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NTIA Confirm Trailblazing Lineup for the NTE Summit Second Series with Over 120 Speakers & Panelists and 50 Partner Organizations including the World Health Organisation – Showcasing some of the leading lights of the Industry!

The full programme for the Night Time Economy Summit hosted at E1 London is released, the second in the series of conferences focused on Night Time Economy across the UK.

This year has an exceptionally ambitious programme of speakers and panellists approaching a huge range of topics from Brexit, Diversity, Harm Reduction, Safeguarding, Women’s Safety, Health, Well Being, Access to Funding, Licensing & Planning, Supply Chain Energy, Cost of Living Crisis, Mental Health, Live Music, Grass Roots Music, Events plus much much more.[/vc_column_text][vc_gallery type=”flickity_style” images=”69136,69138,69139,69140,69174,69141,69175,69173,69176,69172,69177,69178″ flickity_spacing=”default” flickity_controls=”pagination” flickity_overflow=”hidden” flickity_wrap_around=”wrap” flickity_desktop_columns=”1″ flickity_small_desktop_columns=”1″ flickity_tablet_columns=”1″ flickity_phone_columns=”1″ flickity_box_shadow=”none” image_loading=”default” onclick=”link_image” img_size=”500X500″][divider line_type=”No Line”][vc_column_text]The two day event will include over 120 speakers with panels and workshops featuring innovators and entrepreneurs from across the sector including: Harvey Goldsmith CBE,, Irvine Welsh (Author) Mirik Milan (Vibe Lab/ Former Night Czar Amsterdam), Sacha Lord (Greater Manchester Night Time Economy Advisor), Katy Porter (The Loop) Annabella Coldrick (MMF) David Martin (FAC) Claire O’Neill (AGF) Danny Howard (Radio 1 DJ) , Sunil Sharpe (DJ & Artist) Shain Shapiro (Sound Diplomacy) Stephen Wheatley (World Health Organisation) Jamie Njoku Goodwin (UK Music) Kevin Brennan MP (APPG for Music) Charlie Tee (DJ & Artist) Suzanne Bull (Attitude is Everything) Adam Ficek (Babshambles / Tonic) Silvia Montello (AIM) Carly Heath (Bristol Night Time Economy Advisor) John Drury (National Arena Association) Ross Carter (DrinksTrust) Mark Davyd (Music Venue Trust) Yousef (Circus) Lawrence Barton (NTE Advisor Birmingham City), Jess Bays (DJ & Artist) Dave Webster (Musicians Union) Jon Collins (LIVE), Peter Heath (#WeMakeEvents), Peter Heath (WeMakeEvents) Wez Saunders (Defected) Philip Kolvin KC (Barrister) Turno (DJ & Artist) and Lutz Leichsenring (Vibe Lab).

View full schedule of speakers and panelists below:

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Says NTIA CEO Michael Kill:

“The upcoming London The Night Time Economy Summit is one of our most ambitious projects and it’s extremely exciting to bring together some of the biggest names in the industry for the summit, with panels discussing and debating positive change, as well as some of the more immediate challenges.”

“It is also an opportunity to benchmark the current state of the industry through data, allowing us to reflect, debate and share ideas and best practices in developing, educating and building towards a safer and successful night time economy in the future.”

The NTIA will also be announcing several key partnerships during the conference, with one of the key strategic partnerships being established with the World Health Organisation as part of the “Make Listening Safe” Campaign, looking at driving an educational message through to the industry in hearing protection. The campaign is part of a wider initiative by WHO and Worldwide partners which will be discussed at the conference in line with Tinnitus Week with WHO representatives Steve Wheatley and Consultant Audiologist Robert Shepheard alongside Biff Mitchell (Beautiful Days) & Lindsay McIntyre (KSG Acoustics).

Also being announced is the the UK Partnership between DJ Monitor & NTIA, which will see the rollout of new cutting edge technology to ensure transparency and fair remuneration for music rights holders through integrated Music Recognition Technology.

Exclusive UK Benchmark Reports on Night Time Economy & Electronic Music will be released at the summit, with expert panelists discussing the current impacts and the true economic, community and cultural value within the current UK marketplace.

The UK Night Time Economy Report will benchmark the economic position of the NTE sector, through the lens of Out of Home Leisure Experience as well as night time culture economy. Updating current workforce numbers and evaluating the impact of the current crisis to the sector business types in conjunction with CGA Neilson.

The UK Electronic Music Report is the first of its kind, in conjunction with Audience Strategies we will work towards demonstrating the true economic, community and cultural value of the electronic music sector within the UK. This will form part of a submission to DCMS and a broader piece of annual reporting which will allow us to evaluate the current market movements in terms of counter culture.

The NTIA are excited to be working with some amazing brands and partners this year led by VibeLab / Defected / Skiddle / Ticketmaster & Dojo with panelists representing over 50 different organizations from across the UK and internationally including: Music Managers Forum / Featured Artists Coalition / LIVE / Music Venues Trust / WeMakeEvents / UKDSA / UKCMA /SIA / M.A.D.E / CGA / Sound Diplomacy/ Audience Strategies / AFEM / AIM / What’s on Your Mind / Tonic / Getahead / The Loop / Mustard Media / UKMusic / Six Til Six / Defected / Musicians Union / Safeguarding Nightlife / Ask for Clive / Help Me Angela / Where you at / Arts Council / Help Musicians / PRS Foundation / Drinkstrust / Warehouse Project / Parklife / DHP Family / Broadwick Live / World Health Organisation ./ Pioneer DJ / Beatport / PRS for Music / Boiler Room / British Council / Liverpool University / One House / He.She.They / Shesaid.So / National Arena Association / Institute of Licensing / A Greener Festival / UKHospitality / Koko / Outernet Live / Save Our Scene / Shoobs / Global Publicity / John Gaunt LLP

Full List of Confirmed Panelists & Speakers for the Night Time Economy Summit 2023:
Harvey Goldsmith CBE / Duncan King / Hayley Squires / Sacha Lord / Jenni Cochrane / Pete Jordan / Michael Kill / Julie Tippins / Luke Elford / Ali Turnham / Caroline Archer / Robert Shepheard / Lindsay McIntyre / Biff Mitchel / Stephen Wheatley / Danny Howard / Yousef / David Boyle / Nikki McNeill / Silvia Montello / Greg Marshall / Alex Branson / Yuri Dokter / Jon Collins / Mark Davyd / John Drury / Christine Osazuwa / Steven Braines / David Martin / Callum Reece / Jess Bays / Jeordie Shenton / Adam Ficek / Amy Bee Sting / Gloria Glo Miller / Lutz Leichsenring / Vishal Kumar / Laia Gasch / Richard Anderson / Diana Raiselis / Jane Slingo / DJ Megatronic / Tereza Patockova / Mirik Milan / Georgia McDonnell-Adams / Jorge Sanza / Ines Henriques / Tom Sweet / David Lucas / Sarah Clover / Jim Cathcart / Kerry Simpkin / Richard Brown / Claire ONeill / Carly Heath / David Townsend / Adam Hempensall / Mark Burtonwood / Kim Beasley / Dave Fullerton / Paul McArthur / Sarah Shodipe / Fredrerica Tombini / Ipek Ozsoy / Saoirse Kavanagh / Rick Stainton / James Howett / Nick Joyce / Panela Rutter / Richie Gage / Suzanne Bull / Dominique Frazer / Alice Woods / Silvana Kill / Lyle Bignon / Michael Grieve / Ben Newby / Boyd Sleator / Sunil Sharpe / Philip Kolvin KC / Sylvia Oates / Shain Shapiro / Irvine Welsh / Carly Heath / Lawrence Barton / Amy Lame / Grace Flynn / Turno / Charlie Tee / Laidlaw / Mila Falls / George Fleming / Wez Saunders / George Pritchard / Kanem Hutchison / Simon Dawson / Melvo Baptiste / Jamie Njoku Goodwin / Annabella Coldrick / Dave Webster / Kevin Brennan MP / Rob Masterson / Sam Spencer / Zhaomian Zhao / Chris Carter / Kristian Maxwell / Nicamh Eastwood / Katy POrter / John Drape / Peter Heath / Duncan Bell / Hannah Essex / Keith Watson / Funk Butcher / Salma Repa / Juice Aleem / Thad Boogie / Rory Palmer Rowe / Deborah Hewitt / Danny Clare / Michelle Roycroft / Tamzin Lent / Kim Macari / Westley Holdsworth / Abi Heath / Ross Carter / Leo Charalambides / Karl V / Jared Phillipo / Dani Singer / Antoin Strachan.

Tickets Available here:
Eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/ntia-night-time-economy-summit-e1-london-9th10th-february-2023-tickets-467668558247
Skiddle: https://www.skiddle.com/whats-on/London/E1/NTIA-Night-Time-Economy-Summit-2023/36251331/[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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