NTIA Applauds Extension of Relaxed Licensing Regulations for Pubs, Restaurants, and Bars

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Michael Kill, CEO NTIA Says:

“The Night Time Industries Association (NTIA) welcomes the extension of relaxed licensing regulations for pubs, restaurants, and bars, allowing them to sell takeaway alcohol without the previous red tape. This 18-month extension, recently approved in Parliament, is a significant boost for the industry and the communities it serves.”

“The move is a proactive step towards our industry’s revival, but we must encourage Government to take further steps in considering a more pragmatic approach to deregulation and easements, allowing businesses to maximise trading opportunities at this difficult time.”

These regulations, initially introduced during the pandemic, have provided a lifeline to businesses and local economies, enabling innovative services like al fresco drinking. Under the extension, venues with existing alcohol licenses can offer off-site sales seamlessly, eliminating the need for additional licenses and paperwork.

Policing Minister, Chris Philp stated:

“Supporting British pubs is vital to our communities and economy. By reducing red tape, we give our pubs and bars the support they need to thrive.”

The governments long term aim is to create a unified pavement license for outdoor alcohol consumption, and during this 18-month period, it will collaborate with stakeholders and local authorities to develop a permanent solution.

This extension, applicable in England and Wales, demonstrates a forward-thinking approach to revitalising the nighttime economy and supporting the UK’s broader recovery.

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