NTIA Announces Partnership with “help me Angela” Personal Safety App to Safeguard Staff Travelling Home from Work

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Following recent campaigns looking at the safety of the workforce at night, the Night Time Industries Association has partnered with “help Me Angela” App which is a unique personal safety app that helps safeguard staff when travelling home from work at night.

The help me Angela story began in 2020 with the goal of solving a big problem – help people feel more confident and safer in their everyday lives. After hearing too many stories that went unreported and people who had to face the aftereffects of these events alone, they decided to do something about it.

Now, with a team of highly trained Personal Safety Specialists and a growing community, their team of Guardian Angels are here to help you feel safer 24/7. “help me Angela” is the only personal safety app that connects you to a live UK based Personal Safety Specialist.

Other features include the ‘Follow Me’ feature for those journeys where you feel afraid or unsafe, including the new Guardian feature that allows your friends and family can come on the journey with you.

The ‘Urgent messaging’ feature for when you need help but can’t talk and the ‘Get me out of here’ feature for when you need to leave an uncomfortable situation.

If you are unfortunately the victim of a personal assault or abuse, “help me Angela’s” unique Incident Recovery Programme will pick you up and take care of you, from replacing anything stolen as a result of the incident, to bespoke therapy services to get you back to being you.

For further information about the app and our story, please visit their website: https://helpmeangela.com/

Michael Kill CEO NTIA says:

“The welfare and safety of our staff within our businesses is of paramount importance. Throughout the pandemic and with the very difficult current trading conditions operators have worked hard to bring their workforces back up to full strength and to reinforce job security, safety, and support for all workers.”

“As an organisation we have been working closely with “help me Angela”, which looks to safeguard staff travelling home from work at night, using a unique personal safety app which has some exceptional features which will allow staff to feel confident and safer as they travel to and from work at night.”

Michelle Roycroft, Director &A Chief Ambassador at help Me Angela says:

“The team at help me Angela are passionate about helping organisations to revolutionise the way they support their employees. Our partnership with NTIA will allow us to provide operators in the night-time economy with a well-being tool that offers reassurance and 24/7 live support when you need us the most.

We believe that feeling safe is not a privilege, it’s your right”

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