Is your company struggling with debt? BS4C offers Informal Company Financial Restructuring Plans

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BS4C offers a unique service for the Hospitality industry. With the extreme pressure the operators are under regarding staff shortages, utility prices going through the roof and government subsidies ending soon, suppliers of all types having to increase costs dramatically, help is at hand…. We have vast experience helping businesses in the sector.

We negotiate with ALL types of creditor, whether HMRC/VAT/PAYE, CBILs, BBILs, Utility companies, Landlords, Council Tax, Suppliers, High Court Enforcement Companies, Bailiffs and all types of Lenders.

BS4C Will restructure your debts to give you breathing space. All WITHOUT affecting your companies credit status…
We invariably arrange payment holidays and pro rata payments. We handle all communication with your creditors allowing the “breathing space and peace of mind” to actually run your business without the daily hassle of fending off creditors.

NTIA MEMBER OFFER: Contact us for a totally free assessment on 07712238601 or 01407 861700 or email [email protected]

Don’t just take our word for it, see what previous clients have to say about BS4C:

“We contacted BS4C through the NTIA for assistance as we start to try and trade out of the current chaos that is COVID.    They have dealt with a variety of creditors for us but one in particular, before BS4C became involved managed to get a CCJ against us for only a few hundred pounds and this culminated in a visit from a High Court Enforcement representative, he was threatening to break in and take all he could find unless I agreed to pay in full right then and there.  .  This was early evening and without the help of BS4C I would have ended up losing the best part of £2000, even though it was 8 o’clock at night.   They intervened and brought it all to a standstill, pointing out illegal actions undertaken by both the firm and the individual.    We now have agreement in place and happily moving on.   BRILLIANT RESULT.  “

 – Stevie D.

“BS4C have been a great help in professionally negotiating a suitable settlement with my suppliers to ensure continual supply medications. This was a very crucial moment in the life of my business due to difficulties with cash flow. With their support the withdrawal of services from wholesalers and possible collapse of the business has been averted.

I am really grateful for their services, and to NPA for introducing them. I strongly recommend them to anyone in such a difficult situation.”

 – John NPA

“I would like to express how impressed I’ve been with the level of service received so far by using the services BS4CI have received a very professional service and most importantly at a very stressful time. 

After calling Jeff yesterday afternoon after receiving a text message from Enforcement who were looking to collect goods at my property within the hour David had managed to put in place and expedite and resource a solution in order to prevent this from happening. I have now the peace of mind and breathing space needed to get things back on track. 

I would highly recommend the services of BS4C and give them 5 Stars, as the response time and follow up in helping you is impeccable along with communicating with you when you need it most. 

They are also very proficient and effective with the knowledge and expertise needed to deal with your complex financial circumstances. “

 – Michel, Director

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