Incident journey of anti-social behaviour: from reporting to resolution

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This report presents findings on how anti-social behaviour is managed locally and victim experiences across reporting, investigation, resolution, and appeals.

Anti-social behaviour: incident journey, from reporting to resolution

Anti-social behaviour: incident journey, from reporting to resolution – data collection materials

This report presents findings from research conducted by Ipsos UK for the Home Office, including:

variations, commonalities, and best practice in local practices, including how reported anti-social behaviour (ASB) is handled, processed, thresholds for action, and resolutions
victims and witness experiences of local handling of ASB
Agencies/organisations consult national guidance when developing local responses to ASB, meaning the incident journey varies by location and agency/organisation. The research identified a range of barriers to reporting ASB and limited awareness of appeals processes. Victim and witness satisfaction was influenced by a range of factors and identified the need for good communication from agencies and organisations, swift response times, information on what to expect and clear action towards resolving ASB.

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