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The Home Office and Security Industry Authority (SIA) kindly request your assistance with an important research survey to support our considerations of the recommendations made by the Manchester Arena Inquiry.

We need to better understand and explore their views and experiences, in particular towards the recommendation that the licensing of in-house security operatives should be considered and/or the recommendation that consideration should be given to introducing business licensing for private security contractors.

This research is as relevant for smaller businesses as it is for larger businesses, across all industries, whether you have ‘just’ CCTV or broader security arrangements, whether your security is in-house or outsourced.

To participate your members must be:

* Responsible for security decisions in their organisation (whether in-house or outsourced)


* Be a security operative, which can include monitoring CCTV (even if only as a minor part of their role, or post-incident monitoring)  – in this case they must be employed in-house – this survey is not for security operatives employed by security providers.

Your organisation will not be named in the report and any information they provide will be treated confidentially.

They can read more and complete the 15 minute survey here:

The deadline is 30th April 2022.

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