Friday May 26th will see the third annual Pub Pride event across the UK!

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We had over 250 venues last year and are confident of smashing that figure in 2023. So, what’s new?

Our theme colour for this year is Purple / Violet, which represents spirituality in the Original Pride Flag. This will be a key feature on all our merch and display. It’s very pretty!


  • £50 gets you a Flag and Bunting
  • £100 gets you Flag, Bunting and Six T-shirts

Times are tough, and we are in a cost of living crisis, so we’ve added a digital registration pack for £25. This will sign a venue up, get you mapped and registered, marketed on our social channels, and a pack of custom digital assets with your logo included to use in the lead up and on the night.

Lost Venues:

With approximately 80% of LGBTQ+ venues in the UK having disappeared over the past ten years, we are working with partners to bring some lost venues back for one night and raise awareness of this loss to the community.

Our partners The Yard (Coventry) will soon be closing doors as their building is being developed, and they haven’t been offered or found a suitable new site. Watch this space!

Our Cocktail Competition will be sponsored this year, and products will be available in selected retail, too.

Our partners at GigRealm have continued to source LGBTQ+ talent, and can ensure that every venue has access to authentic entertainment from the community.

It has been a tough slog getting this together. Cost of goods is really challenging our pack price, but we thank our partners Great Branding for getting us over the line.

Registration will close on March 30th, so if you’re in, please register as soon as you can. Another benefit is the phone calls you’ll avoid getting from us as the deadline approaches!

Pub Pride exists to engage, raise awareness and fundraise for Ask for Clive, supporting our work in providing welcome spaces for the LGBTQ+ community. Venues will be offered partner products over the coming weeks – we ask venues to donate a portion of sales from these products to Ask for Clive. You can also hold your own fundraiser, promotion, or ticketed event to benefit Ask for Clive and help to find our ongoing campaign for welcome spaces. Please also send us your own fundraising concepts. Our ethos is fundraising by food, drink, and providing great experiences.

Link to registration is here

  • Everyone is Welcome Here / We are Going OUT, Out!
  • Dress Code: Come as Yourself!

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