NTIA Collaborates with DJ Monitor to Empower UK Venues with Advanced Music Analytics and Ensure Fair Royalty Distribution to Music Creators

We are excited to announce a pioneering collaboration between NTIA and DJ Monitor, dedicated to enriching UK venues with cutting-edge music insights. This collaboration is set to revolutionise the way music rights are managed, providing a richer data set to ensure that music creators receive fair and accurate royalty payments for the music played by DJs. This initiative marks a significant step forward in supporting both the entertainment industry and the talented artists behind the music.


DJ Monitor’s advanced KUVO service aims to establish a harmonious solution that motivates venues and events to adopt and utilise their data-gathering and performance-reporting tools. This approach is designed to provide CMOs with the most precise, dependable, cost-effective, and effortless global reporting. The goal is to facilitate accurate royalty distributions to the creators and rights holders of the music played by DJs, ensuring fair compensation and recognition for their work.

The KUVO system effortlessly supports music creators, requiring no extra effort from DJs beyond playing their tracks. It operates seamlessly, collecting only the track data from the music played, without needing any direct action from the DJs. Importantly, the data collected is kept private, focusing solely on the tracks and not on the DJs who play them.

Providing Insights into the Music Ecosystem


Data Collection

Our data collection process involves the integration of KUVO metadata collection hardware into DJ setups. This initial phase is crucial for capturing real-time data directly from the source. By embedding our specialised hardware within DJ equipment, we ensure seamless and automatic collection of track metadata as music is played. This setup not only minimises disruption to the DJ’s performance but also guarantees the capture of accurate and comprehensive data, laying a solid foundation for subsequent analysis and insights.

Data Processing

Focussed on Cleansing and Enriching Data, where we meticulously refine and enhance the gathered information for accuracy. This includes Geo-location analysis to pinpoint music trends across regions, and precise Venue Identification to ensure accurate data attribution. These refined data points are then integrated into the KUVO Database, creating a comprehensive and high-quality repository that aids in insightful music analytics and fair royalty distributions. This step is crucial in maintaining the integrity and usefulness of the data for the music industry.

Data Analytics

Centered around Data Output and Accessibility, the processed and enriched data is transformed into actionable insights through a user-friendly Data Dashboard and a Web Portal, offering easy access to in-depth analytics. We also provide API integrations, facilitating seamless incorporation of our data into user’s systems. The culmination of this step is the delivery of comprehensive business intelligence and insights, empowering stakeholders with valuable information to make informed decisions in the music industry.


Fueling Progress with Partnership - Exclusive Insights for Industry, Free for Creators and DJs.

To clearly explain KUVO’s self-sustaining revenue model: We plan to charge certain industry partners for specialised services such as data enhancement, music play insights, and analytics. It’s important to note that venues, music creators, and DJs will not bear any costs for using KUVO’s services. As of now, KUVO does not offer specific services for DJs.

KUVO for Venues

Venues partnering with KUVO gain access to a comprehensive ecosystem that enhances their music management while supporting fair royalty distributions, without incurring additional costs.

Private Access to Music Trends and Summaries

Venues can confidentially view detailed reports on the music played in their establishment, allowing for informed decisions about music curation based on trends and audience preferences.

Exclusive Pioneer DJ Equipment Benefits

Venues benefit from exclusive offers on Pioneer DJ equipment, enhancing their DJ setups with the latest technology and ensuring optimal music experiences for their patrons.

No Additional Licence Fees or Participation Costs

KUVO does not impact the license fees venues are already paying. Participation in the KUVO system comes with no associated costs, ensuring venues can enjoy its benefits without financial burden.

Enhanced Royalty Distribution

KUVO allows CMOs to distribute the already-paid license fees more precisely as royalties to the creators of the music played by DJs in nightclubs, fostering a fairer ecosystem for music creators.​

KUVO Activation Requirements​

The activation process for KUVO is straightforward, requiring at least one Pioneer DJ CDJ-3000 connected to the internet. This ensures a smooth integration with the venue’s existing setup.​


KUVO significantly empowers CMOs with a range of functionalities, ensuring accurate and fair music royalty distributions and comprehensive music insights, enhanced by cutting-edge technology.

Accurate and Secure Music Play Data​

KUVO provides CMOs with precise, reliable, and secure data on music plays. This detailed information enables CMOs to distribute royalties more accurately to the creators and rightsholders of the music played by DJs.​

Setlists from Various Sources​

CMOs have access to meticulously compiled setlists from venues, festivals, and live streaming events. This breadth of data ensures comprehensive coverage of music usage across different platforms.​

Music Analytics and BI/Music Insights​

Through advanced analytics and business intelligence insights, CMOs gain a deeper understanding of music trends, artist popularity, and market dynamics, vital for strategic decision-making.​

Transparency in Royalty Distribution​

KUVO enhances transparency in royalty distributions, allowing CMOs to provide clear and detailed reports to rights holders, ensuring trust and integrity in the process.​

Innovative Dual Technology Solutions​

KUVO is advancing its capabilities by developing dual technology solutions that combine Music Recognition Technology (MRT), through a partnership with DJ Monitor, and KUVO’s own Direct Metadata Collection (DMC) technology. This hybrid approach promises even greater accuracy and comprehensiveness in data collection.​

Enhanced Royalty Distribution Mechanisms​

The integration of MRT and DMC technologies within KUVO ensures that CMOs can distribute royalties with unprecedented precision, truly reflecting the usage and popularity of music tracks played by DJs.​

For more information

Discover more about DJ Monitor’s innovative solutions and services by visiting the KUVO website.