Consultation outcome: Relaxation of licensing hours for His Majesty the King’s coronation

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  • Organisation: Home Office
  • Type: Press Release
  • Date: 06 March 2023
  • Download the full outcome – Consultation responses

Detail of outcome:

The government will be going ahead with the proposal to make a Licensing Hours Order under section 172 of the Licensing Act 2003 to relax licensing hours in England and Wales to mark His Majesty the King’s coronation.

The order aims to allow people in England and Wales to celebrate the constitutional and historic significance of the coronation of the King and the beginning of his reign.

The order will apply to premises already licensed until 11pm for the sale of alcohol for consumption on the premises, for the provision of late-night refreshment (only where there is also the sale of alcohol for consumption on the premises), and for the provision of regulated entertainment in England and Wales.

The order will extend the licensing hours for such premises from 11pm to 1am the following day, on Friday 5 May, Saturday 6 May, and Sunday 7 June.

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