Ambassadors Group (AG) Announces Industry Leading Pay Rise for its Work Family

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Key hospitality staff – known as the heart-of-house team – will receive an earnings increase from October 2022, reflecting a rise of over 25%.

AG has delivered a bumper pay rise for its heart-of-house staff, who are disproportionately impacted by rising cost of living chal lenges across the UK. The increase will take basic pay from £9.50-per-hour to £12-per-hour for the first tier of the AG group, rais ing the standard for the Living Wage. These rates represent almost £3,000 more per year in the UK than the standard rate across the country.

Kevin McGowen, chief executive, says these enhancements deliver a new minimum standard of compensation in the hospitality industry, in line with the Group’s approach to giving back. ‘It always starts with our WorkFamily,’ he explains. ‘Our heart-of-house team provide the very best support to our customer facing staff, these collective team efforts continuously deliver a world-class experience to our members.’

The pay rise will be further boosted via good causes campaigns such as AG’s recent Summer of Sharing campaign, which delivered £300,000 in contributions to external good cause focused education groups, and £300,000 in contributions to the entire AG Work Family staff. These campaigns, driven by the generosity of customers, create additional boosts which increase the minimum gross earnings per hour to an industry-leading £15-per-hour, internally known as Living Wage Plus.

The move has been described as ‘levelling up in action’, because it goes so far beyond that of other employers in the hospitality sectors. All pay changes come into play from October 1, 2022.


AG represents companies that operate in gaming, hospitality, technology, and travel. It is best known for Les Ambassadeurs Club, one of the world’s premium casinos, which attracts a global membership of the ultra-high-net-worth. Under the leadership of CEO Kevin McGowen, AG is pursuing a clear giving back agenda. This includes a quarterly focus on different themes – education, safer gambling, community, and health & wellbeing – with fundraising and donations to good causes. All the giving back activity starts with the Group’s staff, the WorkFamily.

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