⚠ Industrial Action travel advice, including Brighton Pride

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Due to industrial action, minimal service will be in place across our network on Saturday, 5 August.

Unfortunately, there will be NO trains to or from Brighton, and the station will be closed as, sadly, we cannot safely run services for the vast number of people who usually travel. There will also be NO services along the coastal routes due to the amended timetable we will have in place.

If you were planning on attending Brighton Pride, or other events on the southern coast, such as the Qatar Goodwood Festival, we’re sorry to say you cannot get to these events by train. It would help if you made alternative travel arrangements, although we appreciate that this will be extremely difficult.

Where services will run on our network, trains will start later and finish much earlier than usual, with most services finishing in the late afternoon.

Check your entire journey before you travel at National Rail, as no alternative travel will be available once the last trains have departed.

For a summary of which services are running, please see our industrial action route map, which is available to download.

For more information about Brighton Pride, please see our Brighton Pride webpage, and for details about the current and future industrial action, please visit our website.

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