NTIA Wales Launches Campaign to establish Welsh National Night Time Advisor

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Night Time Industries Association (NTIA) Wales have today launched a campaign to establish a National Night Time Economy Advisors for Wales to Champion the Welsh recovery from the Crises.

To date, Night Time Economy advisors have been set up in Greater Manchester (Sacha Lord) and Bristol (Carly Heath) Both of whom are supporting the NTIA push to have counterparts in similar roles by touting their own records in the jobs . The position also exists in London in the form of Night Czar and is held by Amy Lamé.

The NTIA UK played a leading role in working with local and combined authorities in establishing the roles in those cities, and after successful implementation are now launching a campaign to establish a National Night Time Economy position within Wales, the first of its kind in the UK.

In this context, the NTIA Wales believes the solution to ensuring the sector can recover to anything like its previous strength is to have a representative that creates a conduit through industry expertise between local and national Government and Industry, spotlighting regional issues and championing and supporting the industry.

Ben Newby Chairperson NTIA Wales
“The success and the achievements of the Night Time Economy Advisers in key UK cities were highlighted at the NTE Summit in February this year. It is not a coincidence that the cities whose night time economies are moving forward and growing with innovation and creative solutions to the current challenges faced by the sector have an NTE advisor. The Welsh government has shown support and communication to the hospitality, tourism and event sectors through and past the pandemic which the NTE has been part of.”

“NTIA Wales believes it is now time for the Welsh Government to recognise the breadth and importance of the economic and cultural significance of the night time sector in its own right by establishing a National Night Time Economy Advisor for Wales. Establishing this position will aid the recovery of the sector and allow it to flourish in the future creating employment opportunities, cultural experiences and fuelling the economy””

Michael Kill, CEO of the NTIA UK commented:
“The Night Time Economy sector – which has been hammered by multiple crises across Wales – is one of the most important for driving economic growth. But its importance is so much more than a number – these businesses are also of immense cultural value. They are hubs of the community – places where people go to meet and make connections that can last a lifetime. It would be a tragedy , if the Welsh Government did not give it the consideration it deserves.“

“That is why today we are launching a campaign to establish a National Night Time Economy Advisor for Wales, to steward the sector’s restoration, act as a conduit between industry and decision makers and ensure it has a seat at the table. We feel this is the only way the sector can recover to its former vibrancy.”

“So Today, We call on the Welsh Government to engage with us on this, to benefit the many millions who want to see thriving night time economies all over Wales.”

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