NTIA Responds to NPCC Report on Drinks Spiking

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In response to the Home Affairs Select Committee investigation into Spiking, the report provides summary of the National Police Chiefs Council approach to drinks spiking and more recently, the emerging issue of the believed use of needles to administer drugs or other substances to victims – needle spikings.

Michael Kill CEO NTIA says:

“Following the announcement of figures from the NPCC on needle and drink spiking, we are encouraged to see a reduction in reported crimes through November and December.”

“While incidents are still being reported, we still lack data on the reason for the prevalence of these crimes within October during the University Freshers period, as well as a deeper understanding of offender characteristics, motivation and the method to which these substances are delivered.”

“The collaborative approach between Police and Licensed premises with enhanced training, overt advertising campaigns and the effective management of these crimes and subsequent evidence has been positive.”

“We still require the Home Office to consider a specific crime category under spiking, continue to research effective methods of testing and enhance the current toxicology screening process for these crimes to maximise criminal conviction rates, and send a clear message to perpetrators.”

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