Freshers’ week – communication to students about what to do in the event of a potential spiking

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The National Police Chiefs Council and the College of Policing have written some information for people on the steps they should take if they’ve been spiked.

This information has been designed to help potential victims of spiking, and their friends and family, to access clear advice about what to do, including the importance of reporting to the police.

The messages have been written with input from organisations across health, the night-time economy, policing and the third sector, and talk about the importance of reporting spiking incidents, alongside practical information on the testing process.

The messages can be accessed here as a one-page document in both PDF and Word and can be used within your own communications, put on websites and shared on social channels as you feel appropriate. Please can you ensure that any existing communication you produce about spiking reflects these messages.

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