Charles Cormier Podcast: “Nightlife is a right of passage” Michael Kill, CEO of NTIA, shares his background in the nightlife industry and his passion for giving back to the industry.

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The UK nightlife scene offers a wide range of experiences, from pubs to nightclubs and live music venues. The industry plays a crucial role in shaping communities and influencing socio-economic status. The UK government needs to recognize and support the importance of the nightlife industry. Noise and nuisance complaints from nearby residential spaces pose challenges for nightlife businesses. Better planning and mitigation measures are needed to protect both businesses and residents. The UK government should learn from other cities like Berlin that have implemented noise mitigation funds.

In a recent podcast episode of “A CEO’s Thoughts”, Charles Cormier hears what Michael Kill, CEO of NTIA, says about the nightlife industry’s right of passage. Hear his unique background and relentless passion for nightlife as the nighttime industry evolves.

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