SNP Manifesto – End Westminster Cuts and Invest in the NHS

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The SNP manifesto will set out plans for an end to Westminster cuts and a major investment in the NHS – delivering a £1.6bn annual funding boost for the health service in Scotland.

Launching the manifesto, First Minister and SNP Leader John Swinney will call for the next UK Government to increase NHS spending by a minimum of £10bn extra each year to improve performance – generating an additional £1bn annually for NHS Scotland.

The SNP manifesto will also demand that the UK Government invest at least £6 billion in additional funding to match Scotland’s most recent pay deals for NHS staff – delivering around £600 million in consequentials which Scotland could invest in NHS staff numbers, pay, and conditions.  This would mean a total additional investment of £16bn for the NHS – generating a total of £1.6bn for the NHS in Scotland.

Ahead of the manifesto launch, John Swinney said:

“14 years of Westminster cuts have had a devastating impact on funding for public services – and Labour are committed to continuing with the same cuts agenda as the Tories.

“The SNP manifesto will set out a different approach in line with Scotland’s centre-left values – with an end to Westminster cuts and a major new investment in our health service.

“Our NHS staff were rightly hailed as heroes during the pandemic – but since then, the Tory government has treated them with complete contempt leading to the junior doctor strike which has England’s NHS on its knees.

“In Scotland, we negotiated in good faith and secured a fair deal for junior doctors and nurses.

“Rather than cosying up to the private sector, Keir Starmer and Wes Streeting would be better served getting round the table with NHS staff and delivering the fair pay rise they deserve.

“Labour need to explain why they think an experienced nurse in Liverpool should be paid £3,000 a year less than we pay a nurse in Livingston.

“The Westminster consensus between Labour and the Tories represents a clear and present danger to the future of the NHS.

“On the 4th of July the people of Scotland have the opportunity to protect our health service by voting SNP and putting Scotland’s interests first.”

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