Scottish Labour Manifesto Offers Change for Next Generation of Scots

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Anas Sarwar will today (TUE) unveil Scottish Labour’s manifesto, describing the general election as an opportunity for change “for this generation, and the next”.

He will say that a vote for Scottish Labour is a vote to “give back hope and opportunity” to young people, and the manifesto is a “blueprint to a brighter future”.

Sarwar will urge all voters to think about the next generation of Scots when they cast their ballot for the July 4 election.

In particular, he will highlight that over 200,000 people in Scotland – including 40,000 young people – will receive a pay rise if Labour is elected at Westminster, by ending discriminatory age bands and introducing a genuine living wage.

The manifesto will outline the first steps of change that a UK Labour government would deliver for Scotland, but it will also look ahead to the change that a Scottish Labour government could implement after the 2026 Holyrood election.

The manifesto will set out that by electing a Labour Government at Westminster will deliver:

  • A pay rise for over 200,000 people in Scotland – including 40,000 young people – with Labour’s new Deal for Working People which will end discriminatory age bands and introducing a genuine living wage.
  • Action to end insecure work and one-sided flexibility, with a ban on exploitative zero hours contracts and day one rights to sick leave, parental leave and unfair dismissal.
  • A permanent new comprehensive mortgage guarantee scheme to support first time buyers who struggle to save for a large deposit with lower mortgage costs.
  • Clean energy by 2030, helping to slash energy bills for good and the UK once again displaying climate leadership on the world stage by creating a Clean Power Alliance with countries at the cutting edge of climate action.
  • GB Energy, headquartered in Scotland to attract investment into Scotland’s energy sector, supporting community ownership of new renewables and helping create 69,000 new jobs in clean energy industries.
  • An ambition that every child, regardless of their background, should experience cultural activities with industrial support for Scotland’s creative industries, improved access to music and sport in schools and new consumer protections to crack down on ticket touts so the arts, culture, and sport are affordable for all.
  • A reset of the relationship with the EU, working to tear down unnecessary trade barriers, agree new arrangements for touring artists and seek a new security pact to help keep the UK and Europe safe.
  • Renewing our democracy so that Ministers are properly held to account, the out-dated House of Lords is reformed and replaced, and 16 and 17 year olds can finally vote in all elections.

The manifesto also sets out the changes Scottish Labour believe are needed in Scotland including:

  • Raising standards in Scottish education, improving numeracy and literacy, and embedding digital skills across the curriculum so young people are prepared for life and work.
  • A ‘Skills to School’ programme with reforms to careers advice developed in partnership with the private and the public sector so young people are informed about opportunities in a wider range of sectors and industries.
  • Reforms to apprenticeships in Scotland so opportunities are more flexible, easier to find and matched to skills needs in the Scottish economy.
  • Improved access to specialist mental health support in local GPs and schools.
  • Greater use of technology in Scotland’s NHS to improve access to care, modernise services and ensure Scottish patients can access cutting edge treatments and procedures.

Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar will say:

“This election is an opportunity to deliver change for everyone in Scotland right now.

“But this election is also about the next generation of Scots and the future we build for them.

“Giving them back hope and opportunity.

“Opportunities for their own future so that every young Scot can fill their true potential; and hope for Scotland’s future.

“A vote for Scottish Labour on July 4 is a vote to change Scotland for this generation and the next.”

He will add:

“We will do this by improving access to apprenticeships, supporting first-time buyers, creating those jobs in the industries of the future, and delivering a pay rise for 40,000 young Scots.

“Labour will look after young people from cradle to career.

“No matter a child’s background they should leave education equipped with the skills they need for work and life.

“Labour will spread opportunity at every age, because every child should believe that success belongs to them.  

“Under the Tories, thousands are stuck in poverty pay – and under the SNP youth unemployment has risen, and opportunities have been taken away.

“I promise the young people of Scotland that this is not as good as it gets.

“This election is the chance to deliver a decade of national renewal, and this manifesto is a blueprint to a brighter future.

“It’s an opportunity to change Scotland for this generation – and the next. It’s an opportunity we need to make sure we don’t miss.”

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