Revolutionary Partnership: NTIA Collaborates with KUVO Powered by DJ Monitor to Enhance Music Insights for UK Venues and Increase the Accuracy of Royalty Payments for Creators

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In a revolutionary partnership, the NTIA collaborates with KUVO powered by DJ Monitor to enhance music Insights for UK venues and increase the accuracy of royalty payments for creators.

The initiative aims to support electronic music creators and offer music insights to venues across the UK to enhance their businesses. It creates a ground-breaking opportunity to empower the music rights industry with a broader set of reliable data to enable more accurate royalty payments to the creators of the music DJs play.

KUVO Powered by DJ Monitor is a partnership between AlphaTheta and DJ Monitor for music identification in venues. Integrated solutions have been developed to harness their unique strengths within DJ technology, and Music Recognition Technology respectively. With NTIA’s support, we seek to make deployment of this technology standard practice across the UK club and DJ events industry. 

This initiative will develop stronger relationships between music rights organisations, venues, DJs and creators across the country, with a focus on building towards a more transparent and fair music royalty ecosystem within the UK.

There is no cost for venues to participate in this initiative. It does not affect the license fees venues pay for music, and it respects DJ setlist privacy – no details of which DJ played which tracks are captured by the technology and no playlists are publicised. It enables DJs to support the creators of the music they play without needing to do anything more than play their tracks. 

Michael Kill CEO NTIA says:

“We are extremely excited to partner on the KUVO Powered by DJ Monitor initiative, and will without doubt add another dynamic insight to businesses playing recorded music within their spaces.”

“The roll out of this cutting edge technology in the UK will go a long way to developing stronger, more tangible insights into the music being played within businesses across the UK.”

“The developments within music recognition technology software over the last few years, will also allow for more accurate data to be delivered to the music rights industry, ensuring that music creators get paid royalties for what is played by DJs at events.” 

Yuri Dokter CEO DJ Monitor says:

“Further to our partnership with the NTIA since 2021, we are now pleased to introduce the most cutting-edge Music Data solution together with our strategic partner AlphaTheta.”

”DJ Monitor has been monitoring and successfully identifying DJ sets in venues and festivals around the world, for CMOs such as PRS for Music and PPL, who use the data to fairly and accurately distribute to their rights holders.”

Greg Marshall – AlphaTheta – KUVO UK Lead says:

“We are thrilled to partner with the NTIA to bring our creator-supporting track identification tech to venues across the UK.” 

“Together we will empower venues with valuable music insights, empower the music rights industry with reliable data to enable accurate royalty payments to creators, and empower DJs to support music creators without needing to do anything more than play their tracks. Everybody wins.

Andrew Fleming – CEO SWG3 Glasgow says:

“We are excited to integrate the KUVO powered by DJ Monitor music system into our venue. This cutting-edge technology not only enhances our understanding of the music being played but also ensures that the creators behind the tracks receive the recognition and royalties they deserve. It’s a positive step forward for the entire industry, promoting transparency and fairness while supporting the artists who make our events possible.”

Jack Henry – Operations Director E1 London says:

The KUVO powered by DJ Monitor music recognition technology is a gamechanger for the Electronic Music scene. As a venue operator, being able to ensure writers and artists are recognised for their talents is vital for the industry and we are proud to have the technology installed within our venue”. 

Partnership with DJ Monitor

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