NTIA & UKDSA Responds to PM Announcement on the Withdrawal of Remaining Covid Restrictions

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Michael Kill CEO NTIA says
“The withdrawal of the remaining covid restrictions is welcomed by the industry, and will further support business recovery and go some way to regaining customer confidence.”

“Our responsibility to keep customers and staff safe remains our focus, maintaining baseline mitigations as we have done since the 19th July 2021.”

“Experts have suggested that recovery to pre covid trading levels will take several years, but we cannot lose sight of the short term role that the Government must continue to play in supporting the sector, beginning with the Chancellor’s budget in March.”

“The extension of VAT & Business rates relief remains a key ask, allowing businesses the financial headroom to survive, on this long road to recovery.”

“Given the commitment and support, over the last 2 years, that the sector has given to the Government’s public health strategy, it is only right that they recognise and support the hardest hit industries through the final phase of this crisis.”

UK Door Security Association Spokesperson Says
“During this extremely challenging time, door security resource levels remain at a critical level, with suppliers, licensed operators and the regulator working hard to continue to keep people safe on the frontline.”

“The announcement by the PM of the withdrawal of the remaining Covid restrictions, particularly the withdrawal of isolation rules and the closure of covid testing sites will be a boost to resource levels across the security industry”

“It is important as we move into the summer that we regain and build on pre pandemic security resource levels in line with demand. This summer will see the rejuvenation of the festival season after two years of lost trade, and will need the security sector to be at its best.”

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