NTIA Support NaCTSO “ProtectUK Webinar” – Wednesday 13th July

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Below is a message from the National Counter Terrorism Security Office about a closed Protect UK webinar/workshop in association with the NTIA and in conjunction with Marks & Spencer’s Business Continuity Team. Read more below:


“Dear All,

You may be aware that the NaCTSO (National Counter Terrorism Security Office) Business Engagement Unit and the NTIA are running a one-hour ProtectUK Workshop in conjunction with the Marks & Spencer’s Business Continuity Team.

These virtual workshops are aimed at security professionals or those with decision-making capabilities within their organisation.

They provide an overview of the ProtectUK App (formerly the ACT App) and eLearning features and benefits, and ensure that attendees are clear on the technical requirements to deploy the App within an organisation.

Our next workshop will be held on: Wednesday 13th July from Midday – 13.00pm

We encourage you attend to find out the latest information on the ProtectUK Website and App (formerly ACT)

This is open to all businesses across the Night Time Economy, including individual operators, venues, pubs, restaurants, events promoters, festivals and supply chain.

We are coming into an important part of the year for everyone, and understand your time is precious, but please make some time to attend this webinar and get the latest information from ​​​​​​​NaCTSO moving forward.

Kind regards,

National Counter Terrorism Security Office

(www.nactso.gov.uk) / Counter Terrorism Policing HQ”


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