NTIA Responds to the Home Secretary’s release of detailed plans to implement Protect Duty for Night Time Economy Businesses

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The NTIA have been proactively involved in meetings with the Home Office on the Protect Duty implementation and have submitted representation on behalf of our members and the wider industry as part of the consultation process.

We would also like to reiterate our concerns around support required for smaller independent businesses in evaluating and implementing this duty, aswell as our continued concern over the current state of the private security sector and the limitation on licensed resources currently in the marketplace.

Michael Kill CEO NTIA Says
“Our industry takes its role in protecting our staff and customers extremely seriously, and have proactively engaged with Government Departments throughout the Protect Duty consultation.”

“Its been a challenging year for the sector, with the implementation of changing public health mitigations, and now under new regulations presented by the Home Secretary, the industry will be asked to contingency plan for potential terror threats within venues and events.”

“Larger Clubs, events and festivals, that work with large crowds within the public domain, address the challenges as part of their planning process, working closely with Police and Local Authorities on counter terror measures, which will compliment much of the proposed regulations.”

“But there will be challenges for smaller businesses, which will need a considerable level of support from Government and Local Authorities as they assess the risk and action plan accordingly.”

“While we focus on public safety there are some concerns from the sector, particularly smaller independent businesses on the cost of implementing measures, proportionality against risk, but also wider industry concerns in particular the lack of licensed security personnel which will be a fundamental requirement as we move into the busier periods of 2022.”

“It is vitally important that the Government, Police and local authorities work closely with businesses through this process, but also consider some of the inherent challenges from the pandemic.”

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